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I have suffered with insomnia for so many years. I have tried every sleeping medication, relaxation therapy, you name it, and I tried it! Aromatherapy was something I hadn't tried but was very impressed by Cher and thought I'd give it a shot. I tried "Sleepy Blend" I put a few drops on a cotton ball and put it in my pillowcase. This is truly amazing! I not only slept but I slept though the night and that's something I hadn't done for years! I couldn't believe it. I used it every night until I ran out. Honest to God, when I ran out, I was back to my old 3-4 scattered hours of sleep a night. I was miserable. I called Cher and told her, she told me to come by that same day and I bought more. I haven't had a sleepless night since. If you have any problems with sleep, Cher's Sleepy Blend oil works! It's truly amazing! Cher, Thank you so much! You truly have no idea how thankful I am.
Cindy B.

I was in the process of buying a condo and couldn't sleep a wink for nights and then Cher gave me a small vial of her Sleepy Blend formula. She said that it would help me sleep. I was definitely skeptical but tried it anyway and I am so glad I did. For the first time in days, I finally had a good night sleep! And, I like the fact that I don't have to ingest anything and it has a nice scent. It has also lasted me quite a long time. Thanks Cher!

I love the essential oil blends! I love the shea butter moisturizer. I love the Hemp massage oil blends. I love them love them love them. Every morning, I am happy to put on a scent which was blended for me and me alone. It just fits.
Lisa Lunskaya Gordon

Cher, Our Boston Terrier, Maxine, loves the shampoo you mixed for her! And we do too! It takes a fairly small amount to give her a good shampoo and rinses off easily. It doesn't irritate her in the least and she really likes the smell of it. It’s very fresh and woodsy leaving her smelling like she has rolled in a nice patch of herbs! Thank you so much!
Beth Walsh Bolstad

I got a lot of useful information out of the Aromatherapy classes and workshops taught by Cher Kore. I learned about many different essential oils are and how they are used for emotional healing, body illnesses and injuries, and even how I can make my own beauty products. Before I took the classes I suffered from terrible headaches and now, after the classes I know how to mix essential oils to get rid of headaches. I also know how to help people in my family with the knowledge I now have. I have helped several members of my family as well as some friends. I am very fortunate to have learned what I have learned so far from the classes she teaches and I plan to further my study of aromatherapy. There is a lot of helpful information to be learned in Cher’s classes and workshops. Aromatherapy helps with many things. I will definitely attend as many of her classes as I can!  

Cher, I simply love your body shampoo. After a good workout at the gym, the foam feels and smells wonderful on my skin before I shower.
Larry M.

The oils I received from Kameleon Healing help to put my clients in a good space where they can more easily relax and receive healing.  I really feel that the unique blends Cher creates have worked both to augment my focus during treatment and to accelerate the healing of my clients.
Roey Rose-- Massage Therapist and Reiki/Qigong practitioner

My mom’s Miniature Schnauzer, Fee Fee, was loud, vicious and in my opinion not very bright. The dog acted as if everything was going to hurt it. It was always very neurotic and hectic. Whenever I came to visit she would bark loudly without any warning giving me heart-attack moments. My mom said that it was because Fee Fee had some very traumatic experiences in her first weeks of life. One day Cher gave us one of her aromatic mixtures and said it should be used on Fee Fee as a doggy shampoo. My mom used the shampoo on Fee Fee in one of dog's frequent baths. After bath Fee Fee took a very, very long nap. Then we witnessed an awakening of a new dog. She wasn't shaky or hectic, she wasn't barking and the look in her eyes was somehow full of reason. For the first time she let me pet her and we played with the rubber ball. There was no further advance in this relationship.
Piotr Parda

“Kameleon Healing’s muscle/joint rub has helped control my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I’m now able to continue my career as a web developer without the use of caustic and expensive pharmaceuticals.  Thank you Kameleon Healing!” 
Sam Headrick

I loved my aphrodisiac bath salts and used them up right away--they weren't too weak like some or too strong like others and they kept me in the tub for a long and leisurely soak.
Lisa Sargeant

Cher’s extensive knowledge of aromatherapy is
remarkable.  During my personal consultation with her
she really listened to what my needs and desires were
and was careful to balance her knowledge with
my aesthetic considerations to come up with an amazing
blend just for me.  If you are seeking a personal,
knowledgeable, and versatile aromatherapist Cher
has just the right blend.
Shana Kochavi

I bought the body oil because it was made with the best ingredients on earth, made locally, and priced right.  I wouldn't call it witchcraft, but there's a little something extra in Kameleon products that cannot be replicated in a factory, that's for sure!
Amy Bauman

Kameleon Healing’s Highlighter for Dark Hair is very addicting!  I use it lightly on days
that I shampoo - but it’s just as great (if not more so!) on days that I
don't.   My hair is much healthier looking since I started using it - and I always get compliments on how nice it smells! 
Debbie Mellor

I bought the body wash and the massage oil and I really liked them.  The products are gentle and effective. I feel good knowing that I'm using a product that is all natural and not tested on animals or unsafe for the environment.  I think that these products are terrific.
Debi Smith

Matt and I really like the aphrodisiac oil Cher made for us. It's great for massage...of all kinds ;) 
Lauri Murphy

"I bought a bottle of warming massage oil and any little annoying ache I've had, Cher's product has helped greatly, and I smell better to boot.  I do recommend it to anyBODY  I know."
Al Pitman

Cher's aphrodisiac glitter oil smells divine.  It looks fabulous with a little glitter on the eyelids.  It is truly a one of a kind product!
Roo Franzel

Cher made a massage oil for me.  She said it was "a warm, woodsy aphrodisiac” It really gets my blood flowing when I use it on my man. OH! SO WICKEDLY GOOD! It’s funny, but it took me a while to realize that we attack each other after massages with that oil in particular.  I actually wouldn't have realized the pattern, but my friend noted that I "really seemed to get off on that oil." I often give him facial massages and I always HAVE to smell his face after I use it.  I have to say thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!
Harmony Dawn

I tried a Kameleon Healing massage oil.  It was soothing... kind of citrus-like, spicy and healing.   It was soft smelling, but strongly effective."

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