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Enjoy a 1 hour Healing Aromatherapy Consultation. These are focused on helping a clients particular physical, emotional or beauty concerns using pure essential oils and natural bases. $100 Consultation Fee includes three healing products of your choice.

Treat yourself to a 1.5 hour Luxury Aromatherapy Consultation. These are focused on creating, incredibly alluring scents made from pure essential oils including many of the ultra extravagance absolute oils, while considering clients particular physical, emotional and beauty concerns. $250 Consultation Fee includes 1 ounce customized Perfume or Cologne and your choice of 2 other customized products.

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Is your scent should be a reflection of you?  Why buy an aroma mixed & marketed for the masses, when you can build the perfect perfume for you. Learn how to make natural perfumes and a variety health and beauty products in the upcoming classes. To get a head start on learning, read my latest blog, The Ultimate Guide to Natural Hair Care.

Special Offer

In August and September I will be offering Mini Aromatherapy Consultations for a Mini Price. Come for 1/2 hour and come away with a pure essential oil blend customized to your health and beauty needs and
a set of 5 bottles to mix your own products in for $50.

 Luxury blends (using the most expensive essential oils) will be .25 oz; Healing blends will be a 1 oz, Cleaning blends will be 2 oz). I'll teach you how to use your blend and bottles to mix more products at home. 

Email Cher@khealing.com to book your consultation.

August Classes 
Click on class to see the Facebook Event - more details below

Sunday, August 2nd, 1-3:30 PM The Art of Natural Perfumery, see details below

Sunday, August 9th, 1-3 PM Introduction to Aromatherapy, see details below

Sunday, August 16th, 1-4 PM Make Your Own Body Soap, Bath Salts, and a Natural Deodorant, see details below

Sunday, August 30th, 1-3:30 PM Mixing Magic Foaming Soap, see details below

More Upcoming Classes

Sunday, September 6th 1-3:30 PM, Your Home Salon

Sunday, September 20th1-3 PM Introduction to Aromatherapy, see details below

Free Feel to email
Cher@khealing.com with any questions.

The Art of Natural Perfumery

Sunday, Aug 2nd 1-3:30 PM

Want to wear a Signature Scent, but can't find one that fits your personality? Get the perfect perfume or cologne by crafting it yourself with all natural essential oils. 


* Smell dozens of common and uncommon essential oils to discover which scents are for you.  

* Learn the emotional and mood-altering effects of each essential oil. 


* Learn how to balance and mix essential oils to make your one-of-a-kind signature scent.  


Learn the art and science of creating natural perfumes and colognes. 

This class will cover the emotional benefits of dozens of essential oils. You will also learn how to balance top, middle and bottom scent notes to craft alluring aromas that balance body and mind. We will be making a customized perfume or cologne for each student to take home. This class is for men and women. 


Time Required: 2.5 hours  

Tuition: $50 includes all material costs

Make Your Own Body Soap, Bath Salts, and Natural Deodorant.

Sunday Aug 16th 1-4pm


Natural Spa products offer many of the benefits of going to spa for just a few dollars per session with your own set of 3 customized spa products. 

We'll learn how to make bath blends that help heal skin ailments such as rashes, cuts, wounds, slack skin, clogged pores and acne as well as blends to detoxify the body and reduce excess water weight. We will learn which oils can help prevent stretch marks & scarring. Learn which essential oils ease muscle, joint and nerve pain. We'll discuss essential oils which can relax and de-stress, aid meditation, fight insomnia and enhance our mood. 

For a quick healing experience or a quick clean before your bath, we will be making a customized soap. We will keep your skin type, scent preferences and mood in mind. 

Finally we will be making a deodorizing mist for under your arms and your body as a whole to keep you spa fresh and feeling good all day long.

Tution: $60 includes all materials

Mixing Magic Foaming Soaps to Enhance Mood and Keep Skin Beautiful
Sunday August 30th - 1-3:30pm

Taking a nice shower can make you feel so much better. Pump up this healing experience by learning how to make customized soaps suited to your personality and skin type. 

Learn how to make soaps which cool you down, clear your head, and decongest. 

Learn to make soaps which heal skin imperfections. 

Learn how the right soap can help your mood whether you need to feel more relaxed, alert, confident, happy, spiritual, strong, sensual... 

It's not always easy to keep your skin clean, cool, and blemish free when the heat is on. This class will teach you how to mix foaming soaps for your skin type and scent preferences using essential oils and castile soap. Many essential oils are used treat acne, like teatree and geranium oils. Oily skin can be helped with Citrus Oils like Lemon. Still other essential oils ease dry skin, sensitive skin, wounds and much more. Many essential oils can cool your body as you wash off a hot, sticky summer day. You can also mix soaps with scents to help you relax, awaken, or put you in a better mood. We will be making our soap in Foaming Bottles so they come out as a foam to wash or shave with. These soaps cleanse fast and rinse off easily making them ideal for daily use. 

We will be making 2 eight ounces foaming soaps and one 2 ounce hand and face soap . You will learn how to refill these at home so the healing does not have to end. 

Time Required: 2.5 hours 

Limited to six students. 

$50 includes all class materials.

Sunday, September 6th, 1:00-3:30pm


Having trouble finding all-natural, gentle products for your hair type? Learn how to create them yourself. It's easy, it's fun and it smells great!

Learn to make you own Shampoos, Deep Conditioners, Leave-In Conditioners, Scalp Treatments, Hair Mists and More.

- Learn which Essential Oils and Natural Bases are best for your Hair Type

- Learn how to make a variety of gentle, all-natural hair care products.

- Go home with a line of 3 customized products that you will know how to recreate.

Time Required: One day - 2.5 hour class.

Course Description: In this class we will be learning which essential oils and other natural ingredients: help hair growth; add moisture, shine, strength & luster to hair; clean & detangle hair; and help ease dandruff and dry scalp. We will learn how to treat hair damaged by heat; chlorine; the sun; the surf; and daily styling stress. Learn easy, inexpensive hair tips to keep your locks looking salon fabulous without leaving your home. Each student will be able to make a customized line of hair products designed specifically for them.

Cost: $55 - Includes all Material Costs 
Limited to 6 students

 Learn the healing art of aromatherapy for just $15.

Intrigued, but Confused with all the essential oil choices? Find out how to cut the complexities and learn which essential oils and methods of aromatherapy work best for you. Aromatherapist Cher Kore will be teaching at the Kameleon Healing Workshop on Commonwealth Ave. in Allston. (RSVP for to easy to find address).

- Discover the right Essential oils for you and your family

- Find out many methods to use Essential Oils

- Learn how to make your own beauty products and healing treatments at home

Aromatherapy can help with a variety of physical, emotional and beauty concerns. Treat stress, depression, insomnia, foggy brain, headaches, sinus congestion, sore muscles & joints; skin imperfections and irritations; hair and scalp problems; and more. Learn the best methods of application for each ailment. Learn how to make your own aromatherapy products and at-home treatments. Cher will offer customized blends and products to students after class.

Limited to 6 students.


Everything you need to make luxurious, aromatic gifts for you and those you care about. If you'd like help choosing scents and/or guidance crafting healing mists, bath salts, soaps, massage oils, lotions, shampoos, hair treatments, perfumes and more, please email inquires to: cher@khealing.com

Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy is now booking appointments for Aromatherapy Crafting Parties: Homemade Gifts are chic and smart. Luxury gifts cost between $3-$25 each when you exercise your creative side and make them yourself. Get together with friends to design scented mists, soaps, bath salts, massage oils, more. Decorate gifts and personalize your labels for each recipient. Aromatherapist, Cher Kore, will be there to guide you through each step and teach you about the healing powers of dozens of essential oils. She will bring bottles, blank labels, markers, stickers, ribbons and everything you need to create a gorgeous presentation. She will also bring unscented Epsom salt, liquid castile soap, and fixed oils such as Jojoba Oil. Guests of the party can purchase single essential oils to create their own recipes; or for something more exquisite Cher will make blends for individual gifts from her set of over 100 essentials oils. Book your party today.

Customized Aromatherapy by Appointment
Visit our Online Store to see our scent blends, essential oils, and crafting materials.

Aromatherapy and Homecare Products
Aromatherapy products are created on a made-to-order basis. That means you choose exactly what you want and get it mixed fresh, just for you. In addition, we always provide you with helpful information on how your products were formulated, and why each ingredient was added, so you can appreciate how nature helps us through everyday issues.

Kameleon Healing's Mission
- Bring superior products to the public at fair and reasonable prices
- Always remain cruelty free
- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
- Use fine quality natural ingredients
- Mix everything fresh to order
- Be committed to high quality & customer service