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Daily Wellness: Managing Health in Everyday Life

By: Sheila Olson of fitsheila.com | info@fitsheila.com

In the busyness of everyday life, it’s easy to forget the importance of our own health and wellness. But keeping on top of your health and maintaining a positive frame of mind is crucial for succeeding in all other areas of your life. Here are some individual actions that you can take that will contribute to an all-round better quality of life.


Perhaps the most immediate course of action is to get your body moving. Exercise provides almost unlimited health benefits for both mind and body, including improved energy, better sleep, mood and libido. It’s also associated with improved social stimulation and, through the use of team sports, you could make new friends and move towards a more fulfilled social life.

Healthy Eating

Much like exercise, healthy eating is a clear and comprehensive means to improve your physical and mental health. It’s easy to throw together a few greens and hope for the best but if you want real results, aim to be precise with your diet and eat foods that specifically improve your happiness - these include ingredients as varied as bananas, quinoa, oysters, and turmeric. Not only will the right foods benefit your frame of mind but studies show cooking can be an incredibly positive exercise in regards to your mental health. These are just suggestions. We all have certain foods that make us happy in moderation. However, it is also important to talk to your doctor if you are consistently unhappy.

Work Balance

Not all health solutions require hard work, some require courage. If you can negotiate an amendment to your work schedule, you can free up hours of your week, giving you more time to relax, focus on your health and enjoy yourself. It’s a good idea to plan your strategy before approaching your line manager for this reason. You want to negotiate more flexible hours and maybe even the terms of your contract but you also don’t want to compromise your living. As remote working has become so popular, it might also be worth reviewing your work-from-home set-up and ask yourself if more hours away from the office could impact you positively.

Natural Remedies

With the huge array of available natural remedies, it’s sometimes possible to reduce your stress without resorting to hard medicine. For example, some people find herbs like Rhodiola to reduce fatigue and enhance mental performance all without any serious side effects. Make sure to check that any herbal treatments are FDA approved and won’t affect other areas of your life negatively. Always consult your doctor before taking new internal remedies. If you’re unsure and are interested in essential oils for external use, make sure to contact an expert.

Career Change

Recent studies have shown that women who worked over 55 hours a week had significantly more depressive symptoms than women who worked the standard 35-40 hours. If you find yourself in an unhappy work situation, it might be time to consider a change in your career. This might mean a new job or a new career pathway altogether. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to achieve a diploma or certificate whilst working full-time and all of your learning can be done online. This option can help you to contribute positively to your community and, at an accredited institute, you can earn a legitimate certificate at a competitive tuition rate. There are also tons of free learning resources online that are fun to do in your free time which can help you decide it you want to move forward with more formal education in a given area. Learning just for the sake of learning can reduce stress because it increases confidence.

Whatever changes you make in your life, there are plenty of ways to squeeze health and wellness into your routine and ensure that a busy life is also a happy one. These are just a few suggestions, but it is also important to think deeply about what brings you joy and do it. You never know where it will lead.

Kameleon Healing uses essential oils and colorful art as options to add more fun and well-being to your life. See how essential oils can aid your overall health. Also browse Cher’s whimsical art:

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