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 The Many Methods of Aromatherapy

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ve learned a lot about the healing properties and amazing versatility of essential oils. But just as important as the essential oils you choose are the methods of treatment. You should use techniques that you enjoy and fit well in your lifestyle. You should choose the right application for your particular needs as well. For instance, a respiratory condition would be treated very differently than a skin rash. To help you decide, I’m delving deeper in the many marvelous methods of aromatherapy.

Diffuser: For Emotional Support, Headaches, and Sinus & Respiratory Health
One pleasant way to utilize the science of aromatherapy is the diffuser method. There are plenty of fancy diffusers, but my favorite is the simple and inexpensive tea-light diffuser. This is a small device with an opening at the bottom to put a tea-light candle and a bowl at the top which holds essential oils and water. As the candle heats the oils and water, you will notice steam rising and you'll smell healing scents wash through the air. I like to boil my water before putting it in the bowl so the oils start vaporizing faster. Add 6-10 drops of an essential oil or essential oil blend mixed with water in the bowl of the diffuser. First prepare the oil and water in the bowl and then place the lit candle. Once all the water and oil has evaporated blow out the candle.

Important Safety Guidelines: Never use oil directly on flame. Essential oils are highly flammable when exposed directly to flame. Always fill the bowl before placing the candle to avoid flammable spills.

Other ways to vaporize essential oils:

* Add 3 to 6 drops of EOs with the water in a humidifier. Eucalyptus, Pine Needle, Teatree, Lemon and other clear cool oils are best when using this method.

* Boil a pot a steaming hot water. Turn off flame, add 5-10 drops of essential oil and stir. Place head over pot using a towel over your head to direct steam toward your face. Breath deeply through your nose until your sinus feel clear and you feel decongested. Avoid spices oils when using this method as they should only be used in minor amounts when in contact with skin.

Baths: For Emotional Support, Sinus & Respiratory Health, Skin Health, and Relaxing sore Muscles & Joints.

 Water alone holds a great deal of power to restore and balance the body. When we add additional therapeutic elements, that power grows. Epsom and sea salts sprinkled in the water not only cleanse, soften, and exfoliate skin; they also pull toxins from sore muscles and stimulate circulation. With these two basics alone you can create a curative and beautifying treatment. Essential Oils mixed into your tub not only surround you with exquisite scents; they may well solve numerous specific ailments, be they physical, emotional, and/or aesthetic  The Greek physician, Hypocrites, known as the "Father of Medicine," studied the effects of essential oils. In approximately 400 B.C., he wrote, "The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day." Old wisdom rings true today; even more so given modern environments, schedules, and complexities of daily life.
We take baths not only to wash our bodies; but to comfort us, warm us, and give us private time to get in touch with our inner selves. The heat rising from a warm bath opens our lungs, and facilitates deep breathing. Our pores open allowing toxins to flow out. Our muscles relax and we feel good. This is a perfect opportunity for meditation, creative visualization, or other methods of attaining a sense of ourselves and our influence in the world around us. To enhance the experience: light candles, bring a glass of cold juice or water, put on relaxing music, sing, whatever brings you ease. Add 10-20 drops of essential oils to Epsom salts or directly in your tub.

Massage: Muscle aches and tension as well as to increase positive moods and lesson negative

We all know massage feels great. It is a way is ease stress, increase circulation, and give ourselves a chance to relax. The Greek physician, Hypocrites, known as the "Father of Medicine," studied the effects of essential oils. In approximately 400 B.C., he wrote, "The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day."

-Mix 15-20 drops of essential oil or an essential oil blend with 2oz of Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil to make a healing massage oil.

Mists: to treat minor skin ailments; to increase positive moods and lesson negative emotions; to cool us down on hot days; and to freshen air.

Misting is a most convenient method. It's easy to keep a small sprayer in your bag or pocket and simply spritz as needed. This is great for a little pick me up anytime of day.

-In a 2 ounce mister bottle, mix 15-20 drops of essential oil or an essential oil blend to 2 ounces of distilled water or spring water, shake and use.

Steam: To ease and prevent respiratory & sinus conditions; to treat some skin ailments

Boil a big pot of water. Once water is at full boil, turn off. Mix in about ten drops of essential oil or
and essential oil blend. With a towel over your head, hold your face over the steam coming out of the pot. Do this for 5-10 minutes at a time as often as needed.

Add to Lotions, Liquid Soaps, Shampoos & Conditioners: to treat skin and hair

This is another easy technique to enhance the powers of simple products we use every day. Add 40-80 drops of an essential oil or essential oil blend to 8 ounces of lotion, shampoo or conditioner.

Perfumes and Colognes: Emotional Support

Mixing the right blend of essential oils can not only make you smell more attractive, but it can lift your mood. Essential oils can boost joy, clarity, focus, energy concentration, confidence and other positive moods. Come see me for a consultation to create your customized scent. Email Cher@khealing.com for an appointment.

Laundry: Kill Germs, Molds, Fungus, Dust Mites.

Add Eucalyptus oil to kill dust mites and germs; add Teatree oil to kill molds and viruses. Add Citrus oils to cut grease. Add Lemongrass or Pine Needle to deodorize and freshen. Or add some Lavender oil for a clean relaxing scent. I use about 200 drops per wash mixed in my laundry detergent. You can also put some essential oil on a sock or cloth and put in your dryer with your clothes as a homemade dryer sheet to give a bright clean scent.

Home Cleaning: Kill Germs, Molds, Fungus, Dust Mites. Cut grease.

You can use the same oils you use to clean the laundry around the house. Mix essential oils and water in a spray bottle to make a cleaning mist for wiping down counter tops, tables and appliances. Use your mist to freshen bedding and closets as well. Add some oils to castile soap to make an effective all around home cleaner for floors, kitchens and bathrooms. Add some grease cutting citrus oil to your dish soap when cleaning greasy pots and pans. Drop essential oils in your sink to eliminate food odors and the rodents and  insects attracted by them. Use a high concentrate of essential oils, but always wear protective gloves as cleaning products are too strong for skin.

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