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Sleep Scents

Sleep is another world; it’s deep peace; it heals the body and mind allowing us to wake well-rested and joyful. When sleep is disrupted, the body’s balance is in upheavalThe sleep deprived may survive the day; however it’s hard for them to enjoy itInsomnia is a widespread problem. It’s due to varying causes: anxiety, stress, pain, sleep pattern interruption, and more. It takes many forms. Some find it hard to go to sleep. Others fall asleep, yet wake several times during the night. Many people sleep, yet toss and turn so much they never reach a deep enough sleep to recharge. Too many people turn to expensive and sometimes addictive pharmaceuticals when there are so many safer methods. Aromatherapy is an often ignored natural method to aid peaceful sleep. It’s been very successful and it is by and large safe and economical. Many Essentials Oils (EOs) not only help you fall asleep quickly, they also induce a higher quality of sleep. If you wake during the night due to noise or a full bladder many scents may lull you back to sleep. EOs, alone, are not suggested to cure any serious illness. However, many kinds of sleep difficulties may be remedied with aromatherapy. Whether you are using a single oil for mild relaxation or a blend for deep rest here are three methods you may implement.  

Bed-Time Bathing: A warm bath can bring on a sleepy feeling. Adding 10-20 drops of relaxing EOs in the water may multiply this effect. Be careful not to get so drowsy you can’t safely get out of the tub. 

Diffusing: Diffusing your bedroom (for an hour or so) before you go to sleep can be a great sleep aid. A diffuser is simply a bowl on a stand. The bowl holds water and EOs; under it you place a tea-light candle. As the water and oils heat they get vaporized into the air so you smell your blend by breathing through your nose. Use 5-10 drops of EO mixed with a little water. To give your diffuser a jumpstart, boil the water before you add it.  

Scenting Pillows and BeddingIt’s so simple to scent cotton puffs (with 4-6 drops of EOs), let them dry, and put them in the linen closet between your bedding. You may also put perfumed puffs inside your pillow case. Aromatherapy misters make for aromatic pillows, blankets and sheets. To make a mist, combine 20-25 drops of your EO blend with oz of distilled water, in a fine mist spray bottle. Shake well and use immediately or up to six months later. Simply take aim and spritz. 

Some Essential Oils Recommended for Insomnia

Roman & German Chamomile: These Chamomiles are gentle enough for babies. Roman Chamomile has a bright apple-like scent, while velvety blue German Chamomile has a pleasantly medicinal scent. Both are used to ease the nerves and are recommended for sleep problems. 


Clary Sage:  Clary Sage oil is sweet, rich, and highly relaxing. It has been known to induce colorful dreams, as well as aid in a deep, peaceful rest.  

Geranium: Dry with a rosy undertone, geranium oil can be very relaxing. It is also wonderful for helping to balance female hormones, thus it is good to add if your sleep is disrupted by menstrual or menopausal symptoms. 

 Grapefruit: Tangy grapefruit oil has a subtle, relaxing scent. It is used when treating depression and is recommended as a tool to control addiction 

Lavender: Highly floral and mildly herbaceous, lavender is considered the most versatile EO. It often helps balance one’s energies: stimulating if tired, and relaxing if stressed. Lavender oil has been used to heal a host off ills, including migraine headaches. It’s also gentle enough for infants and children. 


Marjoram: Marjoram is an anaphrodisiac meaning it reduces sex drive. It is said to be comforting, warming and strengthening. It is often used when treating insomnia. It is also used to help ease mental strain, anger, frustration, hostility and more. It has a warm, woody and somewhat spicy/camphoreous scent. 

Mandarin: This light, sweet, citrus oil has a very relaxing aroma. It is very gentle and is one of the few EOrecommended for children (toddlers and up). It’s scent is used to aid depression, anxiety, and feelings of emptiness. 

Neroli: This rapturous floral oil comes from the orange blossom. In addition to its comforting qualities, it boosts the spirit and may help one sustain confidence. It is expensive, but often just a drop or two is all that is needed. 

Pettigrain: From the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree, this mesmerizing scent is created. Pettigrain oil has a bright floral-citrus aroma, similar to the very costly Neroli oil, which is made from the blossoms of the same tree. Pettigrain, like Neroli is recommended to help sleep problems.   


Rose Absolute: Deep, rich, and floral - the fragrance of true rose absolute oil is unmistakable. It is very soothing and can be of great aid during blue moments. Being very expensive, this oil is used in moderation. Luckily, it only takes a little to enhance a blend. 

Sandalwood Oil:  Rich, musky, sandalwood is traditionally burnt as an aid to meditation. The EO is known for its calming and grounding effects. It is used when treating insomnia. It's rich, woody scent helps to anchor blends.  

Valerian: Highly sedative valerian oil has had a high rate of success when treating insomnia. Its medicinal scent is an acquired taste. The common pharmaceutical sedative Valium got its name from the herb Valerian. To keep its power, yet ease its pungency mix with complementary oils such as Clary SagePettigrain, and Sandalwood.  


Vetiver: This smoky, woody oil is said to strengthen the central nervous system, restoring balance and focus. It is employed to stabilize energy and help with a good nights rest.  

Ylang Ylang: This exotic, floral scent is relaxing and euphoric. In the correct dosage it has been used to calm both the mind and nerves.  

Other Sleep Aids: I also recommend looking into herbal teas (try chamomile, catnip, or valerian), relaxing music, and meditation.

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