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 The Seediest Thing I've Ever Written

This is going to be a berry seedy post. That's because the seedy group of essential oils has a unique set of healing properties. Amongst these oils you will find oils that detoxify; help many menstrual problems; aid digestion;  keep skin looking young; and heal many forms of rashes. I included Juniper Berry in this group as it shares similar healing properties as the Seedy group of essential oils. I like to add these oils to baths blends and massage oils. 

Angelica Seed: Angelica Seed oil has a deep, musky, spicy scent. Its scent is used to relieve fatigue and nervous stress. In skin care, this oil is used to decongest pores and to heal and sooth irritated skin. It may also help eliminate toxins from muscles and relieve water retention. Its scent is helpful to relieve coughs and can aid digestion. It can help relive pain from PMS and menstrual cramping. 

Anise Seed: Licorice sweet anise oil should be used very sparingly. This essential oil is used as an expectorant, to strengthen the immune system against the common cold, and for nervous conditions such as migraine headaches and nervous tension. It can aid digestion.  It is said to help promote the production of breast milk after birth. It may also help bring on  your period. In lore, Anise is recognized for luck, protection and psychic awareness.

Carrot Seed: Warm and earthy, this oil revitalizes and tones. It is used to help skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, slack skin and more. It is highly recommend to help tone mature skin.  It offers a nice grounding note when added to blends. In massage oils and baths it can help detoxify joints, muscles, and the liver. It can help promote menstruation. It is also used to help ease digestive complaints.

Celery Seed: Light with a little spice, Celery seed adds an interesting undertone to blends. It is used to ease digestive complaints such as indigestion. It can help detoxify the body including the liver. It is used to help normalize blood pressure. It may help bring on a late period. It is also used to ease menstrual pain; reduce cramping and relieve water retention.

Fennel Seed: This is a sweet, licorice-like oil which is calming, yet strengthening. Fennel oil often helps balance female hormones and may ease premenstrual symptoms. It can help flush toxins out of the body and major organs. It can aid digestion. It  has been reported to reduce cellulite and water retention. It is used to tone skin and help retain moisture. It is of great  benefit to help tone mature skin. It is also used to  heal bruises and works as an antiseptic on wounds. It can relieve muscle pain especially when used in a massage oil.

Juniper Berry: Juniper Berry has a fresh, nutty, berry scent which is used to calm emotions; improve confidence & peace; and help with many forms of inner conflict. It can help bring on a late period. It’s used to detoxify the body as well as tone & stimulate flesh.  It works as an antiseptic and can work to help heal cuts, wounds, and acne. It is also known to strengthen the immune system and promotes healthy digestion. In folklore this oil is said to augment psychic purity. This oil is often used in mediation blends.

Parsley Seed: This oil is spicy, warm and herbaceous. It is used to detoxify muscles and joints. It is also reputed to break down cellulite. It is used to help ease menstrual discomfort, cramping and fatigue. It may also aid digestion.


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