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Essential Oils for Meditation

We can all meditate; it natural. You can meditate sitting, lying down, or walking. Some folks meditate while doing yoga or other relaxing practices. I like to mediate in the morning while stretching and at night while relaxing in the tub. It’s starts with breathing deeply in though the nose and out though the mouth. Aromatherapy can make meditation easier and more pleasant. There are a variety of essential oils recommended to increase clarity, direction, focus, and visualizationSome essential oils help facilitate deep meditative breathing. See below to read about several excellent essential oil choices and methods to use aromatherapy in meditation. Click here to read about Chakra Balancing Essential Oils.

Some Essential Oils for Meditation: 

Allspice: Warming, sense-enhancing, allspice has been known to enhance positive feelings and reduce stress. The herb, allspice, is named such because it is said to taste like a mix of cloves, juniper berries, cinnamon and black pepper. Similarly, its scent is a multi-layered spice. Use this and all spices sparingly within mixes.

Anise: Licorice sweet anise oil must be used in moderation. Anise is recognized for luck, protection and psychic awareness. It invigorates the mind. This essential oil is used as an expectorant, to strengthen the immune system against the common cold, and for nervous conditions such as migraine headaches and nervous tension. 

Basil: Basil’s fresh herbaceous scent can heighten focus, reduce nausea, and bring comfort to body and spirit. It can be used to help lift bad moods. This oil is great to use for awakening, clarity, and strength. In folklore, the herb Basil is thought to bring money. 

Benzoin: This rich, euphoric resin is thick as honey. It has a sweet balsamic scent. Benzoin oil has been used ceremonially to drive away evil and negative forces. Its scent is said to be emotionally padding and can greatly ease nervous tension and stress. In skin care for it is used for healing: cuts, chapped skin, and inflamed or irritated skin.  

Bergamot: Bergamot is that familiar citrus scent found in Earl Grey tea. It has a spicy undertone and adds a fresh note to blends. Bergamot oil is employed to reduce anger, frustration, irritability, anxiety and depression. It is said to help with confidence, concentration, and cheer.  

Cedarwood: Warm, woody oil with honey overtones. Its meditative qualities help the mind to focus and it can help bring balance to the body. It has been used historically for its soothing & purifying qualities. In aromatherapy, it is used to counteract worry, fear, irritability, and gloomy thoughts. Cedarwood oil also helps with a variety of skin issues including dermatitis; acne; oily skin & hair; eczema and psoriasis.  


Clove Bud: Spicy, sweet oil that inspires the mind and memory; clove bud oil often eases mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion. Its scent is warming, cheering, and welcoming and it known to bring cheer to an environment. It is said to help with creativity, focus, and self-awareness. It is especially comforting during the cold season, perhaps due to its reported expectorant and antiviral qualities. Use this and all spices sparingly within mixes.

Frankincense: Calming and focusing frankincense is a warm, sweet, and rich. It has been used in religious ceremonies for centuries. Its scent is said to stimulate creativity and enlightenment. It can act as a fixative in perfumes. The aroma of frankincense often acts to slow and deepen breathing making it ideal for massage, meditation, yoga and more. In skin care it can also be used to heal chapped skin. Folklore tells us that frankincense is used to welcome in positive forces. 

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a clean, light, and refreshing citrus oil. It is known to help ease headaches, performance stress, and depression. It is can help with clarity, alertness, confidence, and positivity. When used in massages and baths it can help tone skin and may reduce cellulites.  It is also good to use when the body is retaining too much water (bloating). 


Juniper Berry:  Juniper Berry has a fresh, dry, berry scent. In folklore it is said to augment psychic purity. This meditative oil is used to calm emotions. It is said to help improve confidence, peace and help with many forms of inner conflict. It’s sometimes used to detoxify the body as well as tone & stimulate flesh. Its scent can help lessen nausea. 


 Lemon: Lemon has a light, clean citrus scent which can enliven us. It is often employed to help fight infections during the cold and flu season. It can act as restorative and general tonic. It is recommended to help ease mental blocks, lethargy, and stress. It can enhance memory, clarity, and concentration. Like most citrus oils it helps ease depression. It is also used to counteract feelings of fear, irrationality, indecision, resentment, and turmoil. 

Myrrh: Myrrh was used by the Egyptians and Hebrews for incense, cosmetics, perfumeand medicines. It was also used for embalming. It was considered, as was Frankincense, a rare treasure and was thought to be a great gift for baby Jesus. Its deep scent is great for meditation.  It is a gummy resin derived from the shrub Commiphora, which is found in Arabia and Abyssinia. It is also is used in treating sore throats, infected gums, thrush, and athlete’s foot. It is good for healing dry, cracked skin.  

Nutmeg:  In mythology this oil is said to add physical & metaphysical energy, as well as added clairvoyance. In aromatherapy is has been used to lift fatigue and is thought to work as an antioxidant. Its scent is warm and exotic and considered to have aphrodisiac properties. Nutmeg oil should be used sparingly.  

Oakmoss: Oakmoss oil is an excellent fixative oil with a rich, woody, meditative scent. It has been used in perfumery as early as the 16th century. When it has been found in the ancient royal tombs of Egypt, it has still been fragrant even after buried for centuries. 

Rosemary:  Rosemary is the herb of love and remembrance. It can help with memory and concentration as it has been said to strengthen both the brain and the nervous system. Emotionally it is used to increase confidence, energy, clarity, structure, and awareness. In skin care, it has been used to fade varicose veins. It has also been used to: help relieve fluid retention, aid the immune system in fighting infections, relieve headaches, fight nervous exhaustion, and bring relief to respiratory ailments. It may also stimulate hair growth when used in hair care products.  

Rosewood: Sweet woody oil with an underlying deep rose scent. Rosewood can be steadying, balancing and can aid concentration. It may help bring about a positive mood. In skin care it’s been used to help heal: acne, dermatitis, scars, wounds, and dry and/or sensitive skin. 

Sage – GardenThis herb was used by the American Indians as a cleansing agent to banish evil spirits. Legend says that it is known for bringing about wisdom. The essential oil brings a fresh, clean, herbaceous tone to blends. It can clear the mind, helping with focus and concentrationIt is best to use this oil in a diffuser. (It is not recommended for skin care)  

Sandalwood Oil -Eastern This rich, musky, wood is traditionally burnt as an aid to meditation. The essential oil is known for its calming and grounding effects. It's rich, woody scent helps to anchor blends. It is used to help heal dry chapped skin, razor burn, and acne. Emotionally it is good to help with trust issues, self-esteem, loneliness, irritability, feelings of uneasiness and dwelling on the past. 

Vetiver: This smoky, leathery oil is said to strengthen the central nervous system, restoring balance and focus. It is employed to stabilize energy. It is recognized to be grounding, and to help enhance feelings of protection, self-esteem and calmness.   

Aromatherapy Methods for Meditation. 

Diffuse: To scent a room, use 6-12 (depending on strength preference) drops of essential oil or blend of essential oils mixed with water in a tealight diffuser.  This is best for a long meditation session.    


Mist: Add 10-20 drops of essential oil or blend of essential oils to a 2 ounce mister bottle and fill with distilled water. This method is good for a quick meditative moment, such as a five minute break to calm down and recharge. 

Massage: Add 15-25 drops of essential oil or blend of essential oils to a 2 ounces of fixed oil (like jojoba or sweet almond oil). This of course is great to have a medative massage. 

Bathing: Add 10-20 drops of essential oil or blend of essential oils to a full tub of water. You may add Epsom salt or a fixed oil for additional healing/moisturizing benefits. Keep a big glass of drinking water by the tub; you’ll want it. 

Perfume or Cologne: Wear on less sensitive skin and/or in hair. Mix 50% blend of essential oils to 50% vodka or grain alcohol in a small tinted glass bottle. This is good to stay in a calm, focused mood as you go about your day. 

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