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Lecithin - The Best Natural Ingredient You've Never Heard Of

Lecithin is basically a fatty protein. It is found is a variety of plants and animals. The kind I use consists of egg yolk and soy protein. It has numerous benefits for hair.

It softens hair, keeps moisture in hair to reduce frizz, binds split ends, and adds strength and sheen to hair.

I turn normal conditioner into super conditioner with Lecithin and essential oils.  This can be used as deep conditioner, instant conditioner and/or leave-in conditioner.

If you have plastic bowls with tops (they sell these at the dollar store 4 for $1) you can mix and use it right from the same bowl. If you prefer you can mix it in a bowl and then funnel it into a bottle. Label it so you remember what you mixed.
Start with a basic all-natural unscented conditioner as your base. You can generally get bulk gallon sizes for $40-$50 a gallon.
Add about 6 ounces of conditioner an 8 ounce or bigger bowl. Add about a tablespoon of Lecithin, more for very dry thick hair, less for thinner hair. (it looks like caramel as your pour it). 
Mix it with a wooden spoon and/or put the top on and shake.

Add about 60 drops of essential oil. I like this blend.

20 drops-Rosemary: Excellent hair tonic. This herbaceous oil is used to encourage hair growth and help control dandruff. It adds subtle highlights to hair and aids in detangling.
4 drops - Lemon: Light and lightening, lemon oil adds a clean, citrus note and gentle highlighting qualities. It also helps ease the itch of dandruff.
12 drops -Clary Sage: Clary Sage oil used to encourage hair growth. It’s sweet, heady scent can help improve mood.
8 drops Lemongrass: Sharp lemongrass oil is used to keep hair shiny, add natural highlights, and to help detangle.
16 drops -Ylang Ylang:  Ylang Ylang is an excellent hair tonic. It is used to keep hair healthy. It’s exotic floral scent is known to bring about bliss.

Again whip it up well or put the top on and shake.

Use this to deeply condition your hair; mend damaged hair; encourage hair growth; aid in detangling; and add shine & manageability.

To use as a Deep Conditioner:

1.)   Wash you hair
2.)   Comb and squeeze out extra water
3.)   Apply conditioner liberally
4.)   Leave on for at least 15 minutes, but the longer the better. You can sleep with it in your hair and rinse it out the next morning. Or, wash and condition your hair, attend to things around your house, or take a bath, then wash out an hour or (several hours) later.
5.)   Let dry. You should notice a difference within the first use.

To use as an Instant Conditioner: Repeat process above, but only leave in 3 minutes. It won't sink in as deeply, but will condition and detangle your hair quickly

To use as a Leave-In Conditioner: Use a small amount on dry and frizzy spots for quick fixes. Or use a thin coat over hair after washing if your hair tends to be dry.



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