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Healing Waters

The world of medicine is amazingly expansive. We seek far and wide for relief from; you name it: muscle pain; insomnia; skin irritations; stress; and so much more. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to leave your household to find the right remedy. With simple natural materials and a bathtub you can create your own healing haven at home.   

Soaking in tubWhy is water so healing?  H20: One atom of oxygen bound to two atoms of hydrogen—it’s opposite electrical charges attracting each other. Water alone holds a great deal of power to restore and balance the body. When we add additional therapeutic elements, that power grows. Epsom and sea salts sprinkled in the water not only cleanse, soften, and exfoliate skin; they also pull toxins from sore muscles and stimulate circulation. With these two basics alone you can create a curative and beautifying treatment.  Essential Oils mixed into your bath salt not only surround you with exquisite scents; they can also solve numerous ailments, be they physical, emotional, spiritual and/or aesthetic.  The Greek physician, Hypocrites, known as the "Father of Medicine," studied the effects of essential oils. In approximately 400 B.C., he wrote, "The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day."  Old wisdom rings true today; even more so given modern environments, schedules, and complexities of daily life.  

We take baths not only to wash our bodies; but to comfort us, warm us, and give us private time to get in touch with our inner selves.  The heat rising from a warm bath opens our lungs, and facilitates deep breathing. Our pores open allowing toxins to flow out. Our muscles relax and we feel good.  This is a perfect opportunity for meditation, creative visualization, or other methods of attaining a sense of ourselves and our influence in the world around us.  To enhance the experience: light candles, bring a glass of cold juice or water, put on relaxing music, practice self reiki, sing, whatever your want.

I like to put on healing music (Yellow Brick Cinema on Youtube has some beautiful music) and do a chakra balancing & cleansing meditation. I choose my oils depending on what I need.

If it is right before my period or I feel my body needs to detox I use a lot of seed essential oils. To read more about these check out: The Seediest Thing I've Ever Written 

To reduce excess water weight use citrus oils and geranium oil, check outBloated? Here's How To Lose that Water Weight Overnight

If you would like to Meditate in the tub check out:Essential Oils for Meditation

If you would like to concentrate on certain Chakras, read: Essential Oils to Balance Chakras

 To choose oils that can help heal your skin, take a look at: Scents, Salves & Supplements for Stunning Skin and Essential Oils to Maintain Beauty as we Age

To soak with oils that improve a positive mood, check out The Happy Essential Oils

There are of course many more healing bathes to target specific emotional and physical ailments. Email Cher@khealing.com if you would like to learn more.

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