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 The Happy Essential Oils

Life is hard. We have so many responsibilities and often don't take enough time for ourselves and our own  joys and goals. We get stressed about things we feel stuck in whether small or large.  We can also feel depressed due to major heartaches such as the loss of a loved one; illness; being bullied at home, school or work; and other large stressors and changes in life.

Aromatherapy alone can not solve these problems, but it can certainly help and it is one of the easiest and most pleasant aids to uplift your mood. It is necessary to get to the root of your problem and work toward changing your situation for the better. Aromatherapy can help you focus your mind to ease that process. It is also vital to be kind and understanding to yourself and take pride in things you do well. Aromatherapy can help boost your esteem and is a nice way to be kind to yourself. To learn how to use these oils properly, please read The Many Methods of Aromatherapy.

Here are some Essential Oils that are great to add a little happiness to your life:

Sweet Orange is the first essential oil I turn to when fighting the blues. It's scent helps cheer us up and encourage confidence and creativity. It's scent is sweet, fruity and uplifting.

Other citrus oils are also great for added joy, such as:

Blood Orange has similar healing properties as Sweet Orange, 

however it's aroma is less sweet and more tart.

Grapefruit aids  clarity and alertness while bringing on a joyful, liberated feeling. It's aroma is light, tart and fruity.     

Lemon also aids clarity. It's scent can boost direction, awareness and joy. It's aroma is amongst the lightest; it smells fresh, clean, and uplifting.  

Lime is is similar to lemon oil, but has more pep.

Bergamot is another great oil for added confidence and cheer. It's aroma is uplifting, encouraging and very pleasing. It smells similar to Earl Grey Tea which is also made with Bergamot. 

Mandarin is a very gentle oil suitable for children and adults. It is soothing, calming and helps aid peace. This is a nice oil to use when you are feeling anxious, dejected or can't relax. 

Many Florals are relaxing and can aid a peaceful happiness. Some of these are:

Geranium has a soft scent with a subtle rose undertone.  It is cushioning, comforting and balancing. It can be of great aid when your are feeling sad; your self esteem is low; or you find yourself worrying too much.

Ylang Ylang  has deep, sweet floral aroma. It can be quite euphoric, help with self esteem, and lessen tension and irritability. Ylang ylang is very scentual and wonderful to inspire romance.  

The scent of Rose is so comforting, relaxing, and reassuring. It is a great oil to use when grieving or feeling an acute loss. It is also excellent to boost your confidence and let go of fear. It can open your heart and help you accept and give love, thus is it also wonderful to inspire romance. 

Neroli is made from the Orange Blossom. It has a deep, rich floral scent with citrus undertones. It's scent is peaceful and calming. It can help during grieving, if in shock or suffering an emotional crisis. If helps to lift sorrows and make us feel more connected to our world. 

Jasmine is very exotic and scentual. 

Finally, the warm, cozy spice essential oils can bring on cheer. Some popular ones are: 

Ginger is very warming.  It has a clean spicy bite to keep us more alert.  It aids happiness while helping to keep us focused and confident. It is good to use when you need to be reminded of your own power. 

Clove Bud has a hot, cheerful, spice aroma. It is nice to use for cheer, creativity and focus. It is good when feeling a bit lost or confused as it can help clear the mind and bring us into self-awareness. 

Cinnamon Leaf is another hot, spicy oil with a festive aroma. It's scent lends to strength, direction and alertness. It is good to use on cold, bleak days to add joy and energy, as well as bring out our social side.

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