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My Favorite Homemade Soap/Shampoo and Shaving Foam Recipe
I make all my own grooming products. I usually like to change things around according to my mood. But, I have been making the same soap over and over again for months. I just can't get enough of it. I originally created this as a shampoo as it has a lot of benefits for healthy hair. However, I love the smell so much that I starting washing my whole body and face with it. And I lather it on to shave with. 

Here is how I make it, but you can cut the recipe in half for a smaller size.

What you need.

16 oz bottle and cap

Unscented Castile Soap

Coconut Milk (whole fat, not low fat)

The Essential Oils of:


Ylang Ylang 3 (the less expensive kind)


How to Mix

Fill the bottle 2/3rds of the way with Castile Soap

Fill almost to the top with Coconut Milk (shake can and mix it first so the milk is not clumpy)

Drop in

60 drops Rosemary

60 drops Ylang Ylang 3

40 drops Lemongrass

(160 drops total or 10 drops per ounce of soap you make)

Put the cap on, shake well, and it is ready to use.

You can write a label so everyone will know what it is.

The balance of these scents is amazing. It is fresh and deodorizing due to the essential oils and it is moisturizing because of the added Coconut Milk

About the Ingredients

Castile Soap: I use Vermont Organics Castile Soap. It contains saponified oils of coconut, olive and jojoba, aloe vera, rosemary extract (preservative). Aloe Castile Liquid soaps are natural detergent substitutes. They are free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, animal products, byproducts and testing.

Coconut Milk: I'll bet you didn't know this simple ingredient could do so much for your Skin and Hair. It contains plenty of vitamins A and C,  as well iron, calcium, and proteins. For Skin: it moisturizes; treats sun damage; improves skins elasticity helping to prevent signs of aging; and can help heal rashes like eczema and psoriasis. For Hair: it conditions; greatly reduces hair damage; is said to help prevent baldness; and detangles hair. 

Rosemary: Rosemary is the herb of love and remembrance. The essential oil is recognized as an aphrodisiac. It can also help with memory and concentration, It has been said to strengthen both the brain and the nervous system. Emotionally it is used to increase confidence, energy, clarity, structure, and awareness. In skin care, it has been used to fade varicose veins. It has also been used to: help relieve fluid retention, aid the immune system in fighting infections, relieve headaches, fight nervous exhaustion, and bring relief to respiratory ailments. It may also stimulate hair growth when used in hair care products.

Lemongrass: The deodorizing scent of lemongrass oil is used to relieve headaches, stress, and nervous exhaustion. It is sometimes employed in massage to improve muscle tone and poor circulation. It’s a great insect repellent (Repels: Head Lice, Ticks, Spider Mites & Fleas). It’s also great to use in hair care products to make hair shiny, aid in detangling and add subtle highlights. 

Ylang YlangThis intense floral has had some rapturous results. It can help balance emotions; either energizing or relaxing depending on one’s needs. It often helps ease nervous conditions such as depression and stress. Additionally, it’s a wonderful general skin tonic. It may also stimulate hair growth when used in hair care products. Emotionally, it is recommended to help increase confidence and happiness; while reducing feelings of fear, dejection, anger, and guilt. I use the expensive Ylang Ylang 1 in perfumery, but in soap this less expensive grade 3 works nicely.

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