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 Going Coconuts!
This week has been coconuts. I have been experimenting with coconut oil and coconut milk with excellent results. Rubbing coconut oil all over my body after bathing has my skin feeling baby soft. It smells so amazing and gives me a beachy, happy feeling.

For luxurious beauty

I tried both coconut milk and coconut oil in the bath with similar results. I used about ½ cup coconut milk in one bath and about a tablespoon of coconut oil in another bath. They both made the water very soft and left my skin soft and soothed. I added complimentary essential oils which are sweet or mix well with sweet such as: balsam peru, patchouli, carrot seed, ylang ylang, lavender, orange, grapefruit, lemon and others. 

I did a pre-condition with coconut cream, which is the thicker coconut milk that is at the top of the can if you don’t shake well (or you can buy either thick coconut milk or coconut cream to do this). I basically rubbed a generous amount into my hair and scalp, left it in for ½ hour and washed it out well (wash, rinse, repeat). It left my hair so manageable and detangled. I skipped my regular deep conditioning and just used a bit of home-made leave in conditioner for extra smoothing.

I added coconut milk to castile soap (and essential oils) to make a moisturizing shampoo. I usually use just castile soap and essential oils to wash my hair. This was better for my thick wavy hair. If you have thinner or oily hair, this may not be for you. It adds moisture and manageability to dry hair and helps tone down the frizzies.
I use coconut oil to smooth frizzies away too. Just a tiny bit is needed (or else your hair can get greasy.) I rub about a dime size amount into my hands and then rub my fingers over the frizzy spots.

For cooking
I have been cooking delicious, healthful meals with coconut milk: Coconut Rice and Coconut Curry Stir Fry. How much milk you use depends on how much you are making (Comment or email if you want recipe ideas) I have cooked with coconut oil in the past and it is good, but I prefer olive oil to cook with.

Oh and finally: Try coconut oil as a lip gloss. It tastes great and is all natural in case you accidentally (or not) eat it off.

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