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The Easy Way to a Clean and Healthy Home

I clean my kitchen, bathroom, floors, dishes and laundry using essential oils to cut grease; kill a variety of germs, mold, and bacteria; and repel insects and mice. The Essential Oils I turn to most are: Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Pine Needle, Peppermint Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and Lemongrass.  Read more about each of these oils below. You can also use these oils to quickly freshen the air, closets, and bedding. Here's how to do it.  


To Clean Kitchen and Bathroom: You can make a high powered cleaning spray. Add about 80 drops essential oils per 6 oz water in a spray bottle. If you have mold and mildew go heavy on the Tea Tree Oil. Use to wipe down counters, stoves, sinks, tubs, toilets and other appliances. Or use to spot clean the floor. You can also add about 100 drops of essential oil to 8 oz of castile soap to use to scrub tougher dirt away. 

To Clean Floors: Simply use your cleaning spray and mop. I use a Swiffer(tm) Wet mop, with my spray for a quick cleaning and freshening of my whole home. I use the soap to hand sponge away tougher scuffs.   

In Laundry: In the washer - use about 50 drops of essential oil mixed with your laundry detergent to get your clothes ultra clean and fresh. In the dryer- sometimes I drop about 10 drops of floral and/or citrus oils on a little sock and put that in the dryer so my clothing will smell like a blooming garden. Lavender is a wonderful dryer scent.

In the Dishwasher: Add about 20 drops of essential oils on top of your dish washing liquid or powder for extra germ killing and grease fighting action. For soaking - I also add essential oils to pots and pans soaking in the sink (citrus oils are great for greasy pans). This not only helps clean them, but can keep away the bugs and mice food particles in pans can attract (use the oils recommended below for the kind of pests you have).

For Air Cleansing and to Freshen Bedding: Just aim your spray at what you want to freshen: Blankets, Pillows, Mattress Pads, Clothing, Plush Furniture and more. This is great to kill germs in sick rooms. You can use oils specifically for cleaning or choose freshening scents that you enjoy and help balance your mood. Relaxing oils like Lavender and Mandarin are good chooses for bedding if you want help getting to sleep. 

Eucalyptus: Clean, camphoraceous Eucalyptus oil is great for helping to ease headaches and respiratory ails. It helps open up sinuses and can be used to strengthen the immune system again common ills. It's great for laundry and bedding since it can kill dust mites. It can also repel: Mosquitoes, Flies, Cockroaches, Head Lice & Mice It’s an excellent, economical oil for general cleaning and deodorizing purposes. It’s scent can also help lift fatigue. 

Lemon: Lemon has a light, clean citrus scent which can enliven us. It’s an excellent oil to add to cleaning products as it can cut grease while deodorizing. It is often employed to help fight infections during the cold and flu season. It can act as restorative and general tonic. Its scent is recommended to help ease mental blocks, lethargy, and stress. Its scent may enhance memory, clarity, and concentration.  

Lemongrass: The scent of lemongrass oil is used to relieve headaches, stress, and nervous exhaustion. It’s a great insect repellent (Repels: Head Lice, Ticks, Spider Mites & Fleas). It's a wonderful deodorizing oil.

Lime: The powerful scent of sweet, tangy lime oil can pep us up. It has similar healing properties to lemon essential oil. It is often employed to help fight infections during the cold and flu season. It’s an excellent oil to add to cleaning products for cutting grease and deodorizing.

Sweet Orange: Sweet, fresh and fruity, this oil warms the heart. The popular scent of orange oil is lively, yet calming. Emotionally, this oil is used to increase happiness, spirituality, connectedness, peace and understanding. It is said to be good when healing from emotional crisis, panic, depression or fear. Despite it's lovely scent it is still a low cost oil suitable for cleaning and grease cutting. 

Peppermint: Cool, clean peppermint essential oil boosts energy and has been known to ease headaches, nervous stress, nausea and the common cold. It definitely wakes us up. Emotionally, it is recommended to ease mental fatigue and feelings of helplessness while increasing self-acceptance and vitality. It smells very fresh and while repelling a variety of pests: mosquitoes, ants, moths, flies, head lice, spider mites, ticks, fleas, mice and chipmunks.

Pine Needle: With a fresh, clean turpentine-like aroma, pine needle oil works as an expectorant, antiseptic, and restorative. It’s used to help with fatigue and stress, while strengthening the immune system against colds and flu. Its scent may help with motivation, concentration, patience acceptance, and forgiveness. This is a great oil that works wonders in cleaning and deodorizing products. 

Teatree: Teatree is a clean, camphoraceous oil. Much of what is known about the healing properties of teatree oil was learned from its long history of use by the aboriginal people of Australia. Scientifically it is shown to be active against bacteria, fungi (including mold and mildew), and viruses. It works to rid the air of disease, while acting as expectorant. It is sometimes used to control the itch of dandruff. It repels: Mosquitoes, Ants, Head Lice, Cockroaches & Dust Mites.

**Since these are very powerful oils and we add a lot of them, wear protective rubber gloves while cleaning.

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