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 Beauty Bargains at the Grocery Store

The cost of health and beauty care keeps creeping up and up. But, there are some awesome items you never see marketed or in fancy packaging. That means you don't have to pay to be marketed to. Here's a list of some low cost beauty enhancing bargains the big cosmetic companies don't want you to hear about. By adding key essential oils to these products you can give yourself the Spa experience for pennies per treatment.

Epsom Salt - I always have plenty on hand for healing baths. I add about 1/2 cup to my baths mixed with essential oils to help detoxify my skin and muscles. If you have a sprain soak it in a whole cup of Epsom salt and about a gallon of water.$1 per quart at the Dollar Tree. $2.69 per 1/2 gallon at Stop & Shop (sometimes on sale $1.69). Check out The Things I Do in the Tub  to learn ways to add more healing power to your salt soak.

Cornstarch & Baking Power- together, these two inexpensive cooking products can be used to make dry shampoos and body powders. Add the essential oils that are right for your skin. About $1.50 for the cornstarch and about $1.00 for the baking Soda. If you have hives or insect bites, add about 1/2 the box to a warm bath and soak for at least 1/2 hour, but an hour is better if you have the time. This is will help shrink them and take the itch out. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - This heavy oils is best for very dry skin, like elbows or feet. You can also heat it up to make a hot oil treatment for your hair. Put a plastic baggy inside a coffee mug. Put the oil in the baggy. Fill the cup around the baggy with hot water. Add a few drops of essential oils recommended for your type of hair and scalp. Let the oil steep for about 5 minutes, then take the baggy of hot oil into the shower with you. Apply and wash out after a few minutes. It costs about $6 for a liter of good quality oil and you can use the rest to cook with.

Grapeseed Oil - This is one of the lightest oils. It is good for normal skin and is not a prone to clog pores like heavy oils (such as Olive Oil) can. This can be used to moisturize, make massage oils and make salt scrubs. Adding the right essential oils will enhance it's healing properties. Only $3.49 for 16 ounces at Trader Joes. Read Scents, Salves & Supplements Stunning Skin for more about about skincare.

Coconut Oil - This oil smells devine. Use it to moisture skin. It is excellent for dry scalp and hair. Just massage it into scalp well. Leave on for at least and hour or even overnight. Then wash it out and your hair will feel silky and the flakes on your scalp should wash away. I got 16 ounces for $6.00 at Trader Joes. See Going Coconuts! for more about the healing powers of Coconut products.

Coconut Milk - Use the high fat coconut milk or coconut cream for you have dry skin or hair. I mix this with castile soap and essential oils to make moisturizing shampoos and soaps for body, face and shaving. It makes the soap creamy soft with extra foam. I get mine at Super 88 and Trader Joes for 1.50 per can. One can is enough for 6-10 soaps.You can keep what you don't use in the fridge to make more soap or cook with. Read The Ultimate Guide to Natural Hair Care and My Favorite Homemade Soap/Shampoo and Shaving Foam Recipe  to learn more.


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