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 Essential Oils to Maintain Beauty as we Age  

There are so many expensive anti-aging products out there. But, to be real, there is no such thing as anti-aging. And, that's a great thing because the confidence and wisdom of age brings it's own beauty.  Today woman of all ages are looking really great without surgery, botox or expensive anti-aging products. Staying active, eating right, getting enough sleep, and maintaining good health are key to looking fresh. Another step is taking care of your skin and hair so they stay lush through the years. Many essential oils are used  to prevent and correct dryness, wrinkles, slack tissue, age spots, and other issues. Other essential oils are used to help prevent thinning hair and smoothing down those wiry white hairs.

There are a lot of essential oils to choose from, so in addition to listing which oils are good for each skin issue, I've included other healing properties of each oil so you can pick which ones are best for you overall needs. I also included a quick list of essential oils for Thinning and Coarse Hair.

To learn how to use these oils to make products, including skin and hair products, read The Many Methods of Aromatherapy

Wrinkles & Mature Skin

Frankincense, Carrot Seed, and Patchouli are 3 of the most powerful oils to treat mature skin. But all the essential oils listed below are recommended for Mature Skin and Wrinkles. 

Frankincense: Calming and focusing frankincense has a warm, sweet, and rich scent that has been used in religious ceremonies for centuries. It often acts to slow and deepen breathing making it perfect for meditation. It’s scent is said to stimulate creativity and enlightenment. It is used to ease feelings of anxiety, grief, fear, and disconnection. In skin care it can be used for to heal blemishes and chapped or dry skin. It is also used to fade spots, prevent wrinkles and treat wounds. Folklore tells us that frankincense is used to welcome in positive forces. 

Carrot Seed: Warm and earthy, this oil revitalizes and tones. It is used to help skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, slack skin and more. It is highly recommend to help tone mature skin. It offers a nice grounding note when added to blends. In massage oils and baths it can help detoxify joints, muscles, and the liver. It can help promote menstruation. It is also used to help ease digestive complaints.

Patchouli: This sweet amber oil is rich and earthy; its scent can be very meditative. It can help with physical and emotional energy. In skin care it is used to treat cracked dry skin; acne; eczema; dermatitis and for wrinkle control. In hair care it’s great for dandruff control and to help encourage hair growth. Emotionally, it is used to treat lethargic depression nervous exhaustion, and stress. 

Clary Sage: Clary Sage oil is sweet, rich, and highly relaxing. It has been known to induce colorful dreams, as well as aid in a deep, peaceful rest. In Aromatherapy, it is used to counteract: nervousness, stress, anxiety, nightmares, panic, fear, and guilt. In skin care it helps with acne, oily skin, and wrinkle prevention. It is also used to treat dandruff and to stimulate hair growth.

Elemi: This fresh scented oil has a hint of spice. It is a resin extracted from a tropical tree gum. It’s used in skin care to heal cuts, wounds, inflammation and more. It is recommended for mature skin. It is also used to relieve nervous exhaustion and stress. 

Geranium: Dry with a rosy undertone, geranium oil is wonderful for helping to balance female hormones. It can help reduce water retention. It has deodorizing properties and can be very relaxing. It is recommended to help treat many emotional issues including anxiety and depression. It can help increase feelings of self-worth. Its astringent action makes it ideal for controlling oily skin and great for helping to heal cuts & wounds. It is also great for healing bruising. It is recommended for mature skin.

Jasmine: This precious essential oil is a rich, exotic floral. Jasmine is known to generate euphoria. It is well known for it’s sensual qualities and it often used to enhance libido. Jasmine has been reported to help with a wide range of emotional issues including: dealing with past violence and abuse; repression, guilt, relationship problems and more. It is emotionally warming and used to increase self confidence. Although it is expensive, it often takes just a few drops to add a dramatic effect to blends. 

Lavender: Highly floral and mildly herbaceous, lavender is considered the most versatile essential oil. It is said to balance one’s energies: stimulating if tired, and relaxing if stressed. It is

excellent for treating scarring, acne, burns, eczema, psoriasis, bruises, wounds and more. It is great to use to in soaps, baths, or skin ointments to maintain healthy skin. It is known to help with a variety of emotional ills including: anxiety; depression; feelings of fear, anger, aggression, & irritability; insomnia and headaches. It can also help relax muscles and ease pain.

Mandarin: This light, sweet, citrus oil is often employed to fade stretch marks & scars, as well as to help relieve fluid retention. It is used to treat acne, congested pores and oily skin It’s scent is very relaxing. This very gentle oil is one of the few recommended for young children (toddlers and up). It’s scent is used to aid depression, anxiety, and feelings of emptiness.

Myrrh: This is an old fashioned remedy for making a wash for infections. It was used by the Egyptians and Hebrews for incense, cosmetics, as perfume fixatives, and medicines. It was also used at that time for embalming. It was considered, as was Frankincense, a rare treasure and was thought to be a great gift for baby Jesus. It is a gummy resin derived from the shrub Commiphora, which is found in Arabia and Abyssinia. Now-a-days, it is used in treating sore throats, infected gums, thrush, and athlete’s foot. It is good for healing dry, cracked skin and is recommended for mature skin and wrinkles. It contains cleansing agents and has been used to counter poisons in the body. It also has worked to stimulate the circulatory system and as an expectorant. It very nice meditation blends.

Neroli: This rapturous floral oil comes from the orange blossom. In addition to its sensual qualities, it boosts the spirit and may help one sustain confidence. It is also used to increase feeling of love, spirituality, peace, stability, and connectedness. It is often recommended when treating abuse, hopelessness, fear, and other emotional crises In skin care, it may be used for help fade scars, for stretch marks, to tone the complexion and help with wrinkle prevention. It is very expensive, but not much is needed in a blend.

Palma Rosa: Palma Rosa is a wild growing herbaceous plant with very fragrant grassy leaves. The essential oil mimics the name with a light, dry, rosy-floral scent. It is used to dispel anger & frustration and to reduce irritability & stress-related conditions. When used in lotions, massage oils and baths it can help maintain healthy skin. 

Rose Damask: Deep, rich, and floral - the fragrance of true rose oil is unmistakable. Prized since biblical times, the scent of the rose is a famous aphrodisiac. It is very comforting and can be of great aid during blue moments. In skin care, it is used to help repair broken capillaries, and to maintain a youthful complexion. Being very expensive, this oil is most often used in perfumery. Its scent is used to ease fear and grief; as well as aid forgiveness, motivation, and confidence.

Rosewood: Sweet woody oil with an underlying deep rose scent. Rosewood oil is steadying, balancing and can aid concentration. It may help bring about a positive mood and can lessen a headache. In skin care it’s been used to help heal: acne, dermatitis, scars, wounds, and dry and/or sensitive skin. It’s scent is used to heal many kinds of stress related troubles. It is also used as an aphrodisiac.

Sandalwood Oil: This rich, musky, wood was traditionally burnt as an aid to meditation. The essential oil is known for its calming and grounding effects. This oil is recognized throughout history as having aphrodisiac qualities. It's rich, woody scent helps to anchor blends. In aromatherapy it is used to help heal dry chapped skin, razor burn, and acne. Emotionally it is good to help with trust issues, self-esteem, loneliness, irritability, feelings of uneasiness and dwelling on the past.

Ylang Ylang: This intense floral has had some rapturous results. It can help balance emotions; either energizing or relaxing depending on one’s needs. It often helps ease nervous conditions such as depression and stress. Additionally, it’s a wonderful general skin tonic and recommended for mature skin. It may also stimulate hair growth when used in hair care products. Emotionally, it is recommended to help increase confidence and happiness; while reducing feelings of fear, dejection, anger, and guilt. 

Oils to Fade Spots

Frankincense: This is the mostly highly praised essential oil for fading sun spots and age spots. See above for other healing properties.

Bergamot: Bergamot is that familiar citrus scent found in Earl Grey tea. It has a spicy undertone and adds a fresh note to blends. Bergamot oil is employed to reduce anger, frustration, irritability, anxiety and depression. It is said to help with confidence, concentration, and cheer. In skin care, it is used to treat acne, eczema, wounds, oily skin and more. 

Mandarin: See Above

Lemon: Lemon has a light, clean citrus scent which can enliven

us. It’s an excellent oil to add to cleaning products as it can cut grease. It is often employed to help fight infections during the cold and flu season. It can act as restorative and general tonic. Its scent is recommended to help ease mental blocks, lethargy, and stress as well as enhance memory, clarity, and concentration. In skin care it is used to treat acne, cuts, oily skin, warts and more.

Lime: The powerful scent of sweet, tangy lime oil can pep us up. It has similar healing properties to lemon essential oil. see above.

Teatree: Teatree is a clean, camphoraceous oil. Much of what is known about the healing properties of teatree oil was learned from its long history of use by the aboriginal people of Australia. Scientifically it is shown to be active against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It works to rid the air of disease, while acting as expectorant. It can be used in skin care to treat acne and oily skin. It is sometimes used to control the itch of dandruff. 

To Firm Slack Tissue

Geranium: Dry with a rosy undertone, geranium oil is wonderful for helping to balance female hormones. It can help reduce water retention. It has deodorizing properties and can be very relaxing. It is recommended to help treat many emotional issues including anxiety and depression. It can help increase feelings of self-worth. Its astringent action makes it ideal for controlling oily skin and great for helping to heal cuts & wounds. It is also great for healing bruising.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a clean, light, and refreshing citrus oil. Its scent is known to help ease headaches, performance stress, and depression. It is can help with clarity, alertness, confidence, and a positive attitude. It is said to help with emotional violence, self-doubt, mental pressure and more.When used in massages and baths it can help tone skin and many reduce cellulite. It is also good to use when the body is retaining too much water (bloating). It may also encourage hair growth and shine when used in hair care produces. And if you add a bit to your dish soap it can cut grease and grime. 

Juniper Berry: Juniper Berry has a fresh, nutty, berry scent which is used to calm emotions; improve confidence & peace; and help with many forms of inner conflict. It can help bring on a late period. It’s used to detoxify the body as well as tone & stimulate flesh. It works as an antiseptic and can work to help heal cuts, wounds, and acne. It is also known to strengthen the immune system and promote healthy digestion. In folklore this oil is said to augment psychic purity. 

Lemongrass: The scent of lemongrass oil is used to relieve headaches, stress, and nervous exhaustion. It is sometimes employed in massage to improve muscle tone and poor circulation. It’s a great insect repellent (Repels: Head Lice, Ticks, Spider Mites & Fleas). It’s also great to use in hair care products to make hair shiny, aid in detangling and add subtle highlights. 

Lime: see above 

Mandarin: see above

Sweet Marjoram: Marjoram is an anaphrodisiac meaning it reduces sex drive. It is said to be comforting, warming and strengthening. It is used to help ease mental strain, anger, frustration, hostility and more. It has a warm, woody and somewhat spicy/camphoreous scent. It is recommended to heal bruises.

Neroli: See above

Pettigrain: From the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree, this mesmerizing scent was created. Pettigrain oil has a bright floral-citrus aroma, similar to the very costly Neroli oil, which is made from the blossoms of the same tree. It is very relaxing and can help create a positive, mood. It is used to reduce anger, pessimism and exhaustion. In skin care it is use to treat acne, oily skin, and skin toning.

Rosemary: Rosemary is the herb of love and remembrance. The

essential oil is recognized as an aphrodisiac. It is used to increase memory and concentration. It has been said to strengthen both the brain and the nervous system. Emotionally it is used to increase confidence, energy, clarity, structure, and awareness. In skin care, it has been used to treat acne, dermatitis, eczema, oily skin, skin toning and to fade varicose veins. It has also been used to: help relieve fluid retention, aid the immune system in fighting infections, relieve headaches, fight nervous exhaustion, and bring relief to respiratory ailments. It may also stimulate hair growth when used in hair care products. 

Essential Oils for thinning hair :Bay Laurel, Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Patchouli, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang

Essential oils to soften coarse hair: Balsam Peru, Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Lavender, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang  

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