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How to Max Out Your Yoga Practice and Not Your Budget

By: Shelia Johnson

Millions of people practice yoga and like you, many of them are looking for ways to maximize their practice without blowing their budget. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can flex your creativity while working on your flexibility. With a few clever strategies, you can lift your yoga to the next level but keep your spending in check.

Set Your Goals and Intentions

Those may sound like the same thing but as explained by Yogi Surprise, they’re quite different. An intention focuses on what you intend to accomplish, like becoming stronger or more flexible, while a goal details your desired endpoint.

For example, if your intention is to be more flexible, you could set a goal of being able to do a particular pose within three months. To get to that goal, you would then set a few smaller tasks that would help you accomplish that goal.

When you’re setting your goals, make sure they’re realistic. A good yoga app or two will also help you keep track of them. You should aim for consistency but don’t shy away from being flexible. This is also an excellent time to decide how much time you’d like to spend on the tasks you’ve listed and incorporate a timeline into your plan.

Risks Can Be Good

Conventional wisdom often touts the joys of mastering something through consistent practice. However, there’s a lot to be said for taking a few risks with your yoga practice. This can mean switching to a different style of yoga altogether or setting your sights on a few particularly challenging poses.

According to Freedom Genesis, a couple of the poses that may fit the bill are the side plank and the eight angle pose. If you’ve never tried anything like them before, consider working your way into them with the use of yoga aids like straps, blocks, and blankets, and if you simply hit a wall, it might be time to connect with an instructor, even if briefly.

And don’t be too hard on yourself if the poses prove to be beyond your abilities. Part of growing in your yoga practice is learning what you’re capable of and what works for you.

Practice on Your Own

Since you’re on a budget, going to more yoga classes won’t necessarily be the answer for you. In this case, creating a yoga space at home will give you control over how often and what you practice.

Your personal yoga studio should be quiet and filled with sights, sounds and smells that are tailored to your practice. For instance, your favorite essential oils can be a great way to keep things focused and calm when you’re working on your poses, and houseplants are another soothing addition.

Another advantage of a home-based practice is the flexibility of your timing. You can snag quick, 7-minute routines that can make all the difference in meeting the goal you’ve set. Seven minutes might not sound like much, but if you plan the right regimen, you’ll be surprised by the improvements you make.

Break Down the Walls

Yoga doesn’t have to be confined to the four walls of your home or a class. In fact, practicing outside can help you increase your balancing skills and add an extra layer of difficulty to the poses you’re used to.

If you’re taking your practice into nature, make sure you choose somewhere private and carry the right tools. These can be the same ones you use at home so you won’t spend any extra cash. When you’re shopping around for what you need, you can save money by looking for deals at great stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods. If you use Dicks coupons and promo codes, you can keep your spending down all the more, and even find useful cashback opportunities.

It might seem that boosting your yoga practice could be an expensive venture, but that’s not the case. With the right plan and a few choice pieces of equipment, you’ll have everything you need to affordably advance your practice. Just make sure you set your budget and look for the best deals out there.

Photo courtesy of Pexels 

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